Past Presidents
1926 - 1927 Arthur R. Thomas
1927 - 1928 Arthur R. Thomas
1928 - 1929 Walter F. Hoffman
1929 - 1930 George S. Allison
1930 - 1931 George W. Basley
1931 - 1932 Alfred Miller
1932 - 1933 William McCabe
1933 - 1934 George W. Basley
1934 - 1935 Clarence V. Seeley
1935 - 1936 John B. Lawson
1936 - 1937 William Uhl
1937 - 1938 Dr. Joseph Cohen
1938 - 1939 Walter F. Hoffman
1939 - 1940 Walter F. Hoffman
1940 - 1941 Alfred Rosenberg
1941 - 1942 Sam Yassky
1942 - 1943 Arthur Courter
1943 - 1944 John A. Thompson
1944 - 1945 William O'Dell
1945 - 1946 Warren Basley
1946 - 1947 Louis Rosenberg
1947 - 1948 Charles D. Engle
1948 - 1949 Joseph W. Kennedy
1949 - 1950 William P. Bitler
1950 - 1951 Edward Adler
1951 - 1952 Kenneth B. Rowe
1952 - 1953 Charles R. Theis
1953 - 1954 George Sosna
1954 - 1955 Frank V. Smith
1955 - 1956 Charles G. Baker
1956 - 1957 Edward R. Simkin
1957 - 1958 Eugene H. Cavallo
1958 - 1959 Arthur Schmidt
1959 - 1960 Joseph P. Karp
1960 - 1961 Sidney S. Weiss
1961 - 1962 Pat F. Matone
1962 - 1963 Willis Clark
1963 - 1964 Theodore Perini
1964 - 1965 Lee Seifert
1965 - 1966 Dr. Sam Cordero
1966 - 1967 Harold Ward
1967 - 1968 Dr. Joseph Rabinowitz
1968 - 1969 Holt Winfield
1969 - 1970 Dr. Edward Ferguson
1970 - 1971 Eugene White
1971 - 1972 Herbert Rosen
1972 - 1973 Elliot Newman
1973 - 1974 Robert Anderson
1974 - 1975 Joseph Morina
1975 - 1976 Ralph Breakell
1976 - 1977 Anthony Glomski
1977 - 1978 Jack Stephenson
1978 - 1979 Edward C. Smith
1979 - 1980 David Colvin
1980 - 1981 Sheldon Scopinsky
1981 - 1982 Gerald Welshoff
1982 - 1983 Michael Holland
1983 - 1984 Thomas Valentine
1984 - 1985 Thomas Watson
1985 - 1986 Floyd Roberts
1986 - 1987 Edward Ferguson
1987 - 1988 Alan McGeorge
1988 - 1989 William S. Phillips
1989 - 1990 Norman Szymanski
1990 - 1991 Anthony Glomski
1991 - 1992 Robert Ripple
1992 - 1993 Donald Boycott
1993 - 1994 Gary I. Mower
1994 - 1995 Patricia Gordon
1995 - 1996 Michael VanDenHeuvel
1996 - 1997 Charles Slater
1997 - 1998 Carole Tjoa
1998 - 1999 Harry LeFevre
1999 -2000 Louis Friscoe
2000 - 2001 Patricia Zippilli
2001 - 2002 Ronald Decaprio
2002 - 2003 Roanld Decaprio
2003 - 2004 Peggy Zugibe
2004 - 2005 Salvatore Greco
2005 - 2006 John W. Kryda
2006 - 2007 Drew Kessler
2007 - 2008 Miguel Roman
2008 - 2009 Nichaloas Longo
2009 - 2010 Patricia L. Doebler
2010 - 2011 Ron Chromey
2011 - 2012 Francis "Bud" Wassmer
2012 - 2013 Sonia B. Crannage
2013 - 2014 Carole Tjoa
2014 - 2015 Altea Gonnella
2015 - 2016 Doreen Makara
2016 - 2017 Paul Piperato
2017 - 2018 Dina Nejman
2018 - 2019 Michael Grant
2019 - 2020 Jake D. Cataldo
2020 - 2021 Francis "Bud" Wassmer
2021 - 2022 Ralph W. Kirschkel
2022 - Present Carol L. Hoerter
2026 will mark 100 Years of the NR Rotary!!
Our History


The history of the present Rotary Club of North Rockland (Haverstraw) dates back to 1926 when, on May 1st, the Nyack Club sponsored Haverstraw, at that time the brick making center of the Eastern seaboard. The charter listed 25 members. Charter President was Arthur R. Thomas and Secretary was George W. Basley. It’s interesting to note that Mr. Thomas was the brother of the internationally famous Socialist Norman Thomas, who was a candidate for the Presidency of the United States several times. Mr. Basley is the father of our own Warren Basley, who along with Ken Rowe, are the second longest active members (1944), being surpassed by only one other active member, Bill Meyer (1936-2006).
The first meetings were held at the famous United States Hotel, located at the foot of Main Street in Haverstraw, which is now the site of the Haverstraw Post Office.
The Charter Membership roster included the leading business professional men of the period, some of whose businesses continue to carry their names:
George S. Allison
Allison & Ver Valen Lumber Yard
George W. Basley
Gillies Agency
Arthur F. Brownsell
Brownsell Florist
John Ducey
Ducey Agency
                Alfred Miller                          Miller Pharmacy
Frederick J. Kaiser          *KASCO Mills (The National Concern)
*Born in Haverstraw, KASCO went on to become one of the largest animal food companies in the USA.
Over the years, the Club has sponsored numerous community projects. Among them was the purchase and presentation to the Haverstraw Volunteer Ambulance Corps, of its first ambulance.
For several years, the Club sponsored a Sea Scout Troop, which had a seagoing craft, a surplus Coast Guard boat obtained by the Club.
More than 100 scholarships have been awarded to students for continuing education in the field of nursing and other vocations.
A past member of our club who became District 7210 Governor, was
John F. Kaemmerlen, 1951-52. Our educator members will be pleased to know that John
was a School Administrator and former Superintendent of the old Haverstraw District. Tom McDermott was also District Governor (1949-50). Tom lived in Haverstraw but was a member of the Nyack Club. Another native of Haverstraw, Hugo Mellion, a Spring Valley Club member, became District Governor (1956-57). His son Frank was also District Governor (1975).
During the 1950's and 60's, the Haverstraw Club developed a reputation and became the most popular "makeup" Club in the entire district. It was variously described, by visiting Rotarians, as "wild", "alive", "informal", "fun", "insane", but always "a great bunch of guys", and always they came back.
Beginning with the United States Hotel, the meeting places (not necessarily in chronological order) were:
  • The Wayside Inn
  • The DelBello (later the Bit O'Sweden and Washburn's Manor)
  • Bolley's
  • Mike Ryan's
  • The Tor Haven Casino
  • Francesca’s (since renamed Iwona’s)
  • The Talk of the Town
  • Noel’s  
  • Cesar’s Grill  Chop House
  • Lynch’s
The year 1976 marked our 50th anniversary and we held a magnificent dinner dance to celebrate.
The tide of Rotary has encompassed a great part of North Rockland's history, business and community life. The relationships evolving from the weekly meetings, the numerous major league baseball outings, boat rides, paper drives during World War II, fellowship nights, golf outings, card parties, pancake breakfasts, the District Conclaves and the meetings at the Presidents' homes compile the priceless memories that have bound us together for so many years.
A thoughtful look at our club history is perhaps the most effective single way to find out what really matters in our struggle to find better ways for man to live and serve. The club met at the "Tor Haven Casino", which since has changed ownership after the death of our member and host, Joe Marina. The only change has been in the name of the restaurant, which is now called "Terrace on the Hudson". We met there for a record 20 years. During that period, we lost many quality club members through retirement, death or job relocation; however, the Club has been blessed with excellent replacements. We continue to maintain the franchise successfully and carry on our Club's great tradition begun in 1926.
In 1989, member Francis “Bud” Wassmer became chief of the Haverstraw Fire Department.
We celebrated our 65th anniversary in 1991.
In 1994 Pat Gordon became the first lady President of our club.
In 1995, one of our members Francis “Bud” Wassmer was elected as mayor of Haverstraw.
In 1997, the role that our club played at the international level was significant, as we were successful in obtaining Matching Grants from District 7210 and Rotary
International for a humanitarian project to purchase podiatry equipment for the Diabetic
Foot Clinic at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center in Zerifin, Israel. Charles Slater, President 1996-97, was the recipient of District 7210's "Rotarian of the Year" award for his efforts in bringing this project to fruition happens in most all clubs, the meeting places change, some more often than others and for various reasons.
The year 1997 also marked the 50th anniversary of Rotary International's educational programs. A conference held in Los Angeles was attended by Carole Tjoa, former Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar from District 3450 and North Rockland Rotarian since 1988. When Rotary founder, Paul Harris, died in 1947, Rotarians all over the world paid homage to his memory by contributing generous gifts to the Rotary Foundation. A program that seeks to further international peace and understanding was created with the award of graduate "Ambassador of Goodwill" scholarships to enhance relations between citizens of the world.
On June 26th, 1997, twelve Past Presidents who were currently active members of North Rockland Rotary Club were made Paul Harris Fellows in recognition of their leadership as Carole Tjoa was installed as the 71st Club President and was made a Paul Harris Fellow. This year, our active Paul Harris Fellows totals eighteen.
The year 2001 marked another great anniversary, our 75th year as a chartered Rotary Club. The anniversary, combined with the installation of our officers for the 2001/2002 term, was celebrated with a formal dinner at the Italian-American Club in West Haverstraw. Many of our past presidents and former members traveled great distances to be part of the gala event.
Over the past seven and a half decades, our club has continued to build on a legacy from members past and present, and will continue to flourish as we entered the new millennium.
During the year 2004-2005, we prepared for the Centennial anniversary of Rotary International, which will be celebrated during February 2005. We have continued to fulfill our part in the worldwide program for the eradication of polio. In 2004 we combined forces with the Village of Haverstraw at the request of Mayor Francis “Bud” Wassmer during its 150th Anniversary, in the co-sponsorship of a Rotary Centennial Memorial Clock, located near the village hall. Two Paul Harris Fellows have also been added to our growing roster. In addition, we have placed a 100th anniversary commemorative plaque at the Town of Haverstraw Town Hall, which lists all of the names of our club’s past presidents.
In December of 2004, Iwona’s restaurant was sold and we moved our meeting place to The Peppermill Grille (now named Noel’s Irish Pub & Restaurant), in Stony Point, NY.
Our Centennial celebrations haven’t ceased! April of 2005 saw our Gala Centennial Dinner celebration take place, at The Stony Point Patriot Hills (Golf Course) Club House. At this celebration, we recognized those persons who exemplify Rotary’s four avenues of service.
During the year 2004-2005, there are over 1.2 MILLION Rotarians worldwide, and 32,000 Clubs in 159 Countries. Our club also continues our sponsorship of the High School based Rotary Interact club, which was founded in 1998-89.
The year 2005- 2006 began Rotary’s 2nd Hundred Years and was also marked by hurricane Katrina, which devastated the southern US. Our club assisted the LA Rotary District with a major donation. In this year, our club celebrated our 80th anniversary. Our 2nd Gala was held this year, at which we celebrated our 80th anniversary and, at which, we honored two community leaders who exemplified “Service Above Self” – This year’s theme and Rotary Motto. This year was also marked by an additional NRHS scholarship, given in memory of William (Bill) H. Meyer, Jr.
The 2006-2007 year saw the first year that a current club member, Carole Tjoa, served as our District 7210 Governor! This year, our club awarded an additional scholarship, in memory of past Club President Robert C. Anderson, who we lost this year. In 2006, Mayor Francis “Bud” Wassmer was honored at our annual gala.
Mayor Francis “Bud” Wassmer, member of the North Rockland Rotary club for 37 years, had the privilege of appointing Past President, Paul Harris Fellow Ronald DeCaprio as Chief Justice for the village of Haverstraw.  Our club saw two of our members elected to County offices; Paul Piperato as Rockland County Clerk in 2006 and Tom Zugibe as Rockland County District Attorney in 2007. Tom was honored at our annual Gala in 2009 and presented with the Paul Harris Fellow.
2009-2010 we focused on getting back to the fun and fellowship that started this club many years ago. We held the first ever Halloween President's Party which provided an evening of many laughs and great fellowship. We also held the first ever "Spring Fling" as a lower key fund raising event to better fit the current economy. We also saw the completion of our China Relief Project, which received matching funds from the district to help supply prostheses to those victims of the earthquake in China. Enough money was in the treasury this year to also donate half a Shelter Box for the earthquake victims in Haiti.
2011-2012, President Francis “Bud” Wassmer hosted District Wide Membership Meeting and increased fellowship events; Club brought in six new members during the year; Five new Paul Harris Fellows; International Projects: Mongolia—test for life; India—Water; Distributed over $34,000.00 for worthy projects to community organizations; Fed the Homeless; Created a new policy of inviting representatives of various organizations to receive our donations to their organizations. This resulted in weekly meetings that were informative and interesting during the year, we gave special recognition to the owners of the Union
Restaurant on Main Street in Haverstraw, New York, who donate over 4000 meals each year to the community; Firemen who were seriously injured in the tremendous gas explosion at the fair ground in West Haverstraw, New York; Recognized Village of Haverstraw DPW for their extraordinary services in installing the W.W.II Monument. The Club designed and installed the beautiful W.W.II Monument in the Clock Park across from Haverstraw Village Hall.
Sonia Crannage, an Elder Law Attorney was the 2012 – 2013 Club President. We helped Hurricane Sandy victims in the North Rockland community. We raised funds for the Stony Point Community Clock at Malloy Park and sponsored two Haverstraw Little League dugouts at Manny Lopez Field. The Interact Club was formally chartered, and we held a career forum at North Rockland High School.
Young and full of vigor, Drew Kessler served as 2013 – 14 District Governor, advancing fellowship and Service Above Self.
PFG Carole Tjoa served a second time as President in 2013 – 2014. Our club was awarded a Presidential Citation with distinction and our Interact Club won a Presidential Citation for outstanding service.
Altea Gonnella, a banker now took the helm in 2014-2015 as our club president. 
Doreen Makara, a bank manager was our 2015-2016 club president. Ran the successful Mr. Leg’s competition for our club. In her year as president, the Haverstraw Town Clock was erected. 
County Clerk, Paul Piperato served us as club president from 2016-2017. Always putting on a successful carnival as our chairperson. He led the club with true dignity.
Dina Nejman-Ciaramella, a social worker led as club president from 2017-2018.
She actually joined us as president when she finished her term as a Lions District Governor. Community Service, regardless of the organization was clear with Dina and she served us proudly. During her year as president, the club received a grant and was able to help Meals-On-Wheels install a new kitchen. 
County Legislature Michael Grant led with honor during our 2018-2019 Rotary year. A successful pancake breakfast, Taste of NR and so much more. He had challenges, but always met them with grace and success.
At only 20 years old, Jake Cataldo stepped up to bring a new perspective. Not only did he do so, but he also became the youngest President in Rotary history. He had a strong foundation to take the reins forward until to final months of his term when we were stricken with the Covid-19 pandemic and the loss of dedicated Rotarian and County Clerk, Paul Piperato. Amongst these challenges, Jake led to the end of his term and showed that Rotarians stick together and truly represent to #BeLikePaul.
West Haverstraw Trustee Ralph Kirschkel led......